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​Lean Sales is an intensive 8-session program that takes an experiential approach to sales skill development. Think of it as a sales skills acquisition adventure: using the principles of lean management, applied to sales, you’ll develop and implement an effective, scal​able sales process from prospecting through closing. Required Prerequisites: Sales 101 Early Bird Deadline: January 31 "321 Growth Academy is a bit of a misnomer - the program went WELL beyond sales. In addition to knowing how to tackle sales, I also came away with a crystal clear understanding or our customer, the value we bring them, and critically, where to focus my efforts for greatest impact. That was unexpected - but huge - value. "  - Taylor Assaly, Founder & CEO of IronHub Lean Sales includes 8, ½ day sessions plus a 1:1 "ride-a-long" session.

Schedule: Session 1: Thursday, February 28 from 9AM – 1PM Session 2: Thursday, March 7 from 9AM – 1PM Session 3: Thursday, March 14 from 9AM – 1PM Session 4: Thursday, April 4 from 9AM – 1PM Session 5: Thursday, April 11 from 9AM – 1PM Session 6: Thursday, April 25 from 9AM – 1PM Session 7: Thursday, May 2 from 9AM – 1PM Session 8: Thursday, May 9 from 9AM – 1PM Demo Day: Thursday, May 16 from 5:30PM – 8:30PM What We'll Cover: Develop a deeper and nuanced understanding of your ideal customer, and how to engage them Learn how to focus on your most promising prospects, and get the most yield from your prospecting efforts Develop and implement a sales process that supports your buyers’ journeys Nail your value proposition so your sales message in on target Identify how to beat competitors and when to walk away Get your pricing right – in context of your customer ROI and your margins The role of a CRM in supporting your sales efforts, how much CRM do you need and when? Learn how to deliver great demos and presentations Understand how to negotiate, close and get to a signed contract more effectively Who It’s For: ​Founders or senior members of your team, with responsibility for sales ​​B2B startups and scale-ups: tech, professional services, for-profit or social enterprise.  You’ve already developed an MVP, are on your way (or have achieved) product/market fit, likely have a few customers (or are close to landing some), and may have early revenue.
Or you might be farther along, and want to ramp up sales. Most importantly, you’re fiercely committed to investing the time and effort to get sales results, and are willing to explore and apply fresh approaches. What You’ll Come Away With: ​Revamped ideal customer profile (ICP) to guide both sales and marketing, and how to deal with “outliers" A mapped out sales process that is aligned with how your customers want to buy Improved prospecting tools and processes, including scripts that you’ve drafted and tested Clear value proposition and sales messaging, to make your sales and marketing assets resonate with prospects A fresh perspective on your pricing, and a customer ROI model Feedback on your sales tools and CRM to ensure they support your sales process Tools you’ll need to negotiate, close and get to a signed contract For more information, please contact: [email protected]

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