Changing with the Climate: A Workshop on Climate Change Anxiety and Trauma

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Climate Change is the biggest challenge that modern society will have faced in the few hundred years that we have dominated the earth. ​Unfortunately, it comes at a time where we couldn’t be more ill-prepared as individuals, in so many ways. Most of us are increasingly overwhelmed by work-life stressors, undernourished in terms of good food and solid rest, and often incapacitated by the day-to-day responsibilities of a way of life that seems to demand that we do more and more and more, all the time. How can we take action on tackling the biggest problem known to humankind (that of the very survival of our species) when we can barely get through the to-do list of one ordinary day? How can we look this challenge in the eye when we don’t even know who we are looking at in the mirror anymore? How do we turn our attention to this crisis when our systems are already so jacked up in a flight-or-fight response from an increasing load of stressors that just never seem to clear? Join me in one, or all, of this series of monthly meetings designed to help all of us feel what our bodies are feeling in the face of so many climate and environmental challenges, release built-up stress and anxiety, find our centres and strengthen our internal resources, and ground in a space of hope and possibility.

Cost is by (minimal) donation only.

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