Cross Border Conference: Reclaiming Common Ground

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6248 144 ST
Sullivan Heights Secondary
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Recent history in the US and Canada records multiple attacks on public education in many forms. Public education as a common space, the foundation of a democratic society, has lost ground over the past 10 years. It’s time to reclaim the space that’s been lost to the voices of hate, bigotry and neo-liberalism. It’s time for teachers to re-engage in their important role in the process of social transformation. We invite contributions from teachers and activists to examine and re-imagine the public school as common ground for the nurturing of the progressive democratic ideals of equity, inclusion and justice. We encourage participants to reflect on their students’ development as citizens capable of understanding the issues of poverty, racism, homophobia, disabilities and culture.

Teachers are in a position to respond to these themes in the classroom in a way that upholds basic democratic ideals and principles. We are public school teachers and community activists from British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon joining together through the broad issues of social justice. The hosts are a committee of the Surrey Teachers' Association working along with other local affiliates to promote understanding of common concerns in our era.

We really hope lots of teachers will show up for this "first of its kind" conference. Have you ever had a good chance to mingle with teachers from another country? To hear their perspectives on things we all face, and hear about things they face that we don't? Are you interested in hearing about teaching strategies that could inspire you in a whole new way? Please consider coming.

Feel free to post questions here.
Hi organizers. Some colleagues and I would like to register - but the Eventbrite says that ticket sales are over. Is the conference sold out? Thanks.

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