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A Lean organization engages everyone in using science to improve work by seeing and solving problems every day to optimize the flow of value to clients. Lean as science builds an agile workforce, agile teams and an agile organization through a rigorous understanding of HOW problems are tackled systematically and systemically by everyone. Anywhere where there is work, Lean thinking applies. In this 1-day workshop, participants situate Lean in a scientific context. Building on the Introduction to Lean for Government experiments, participants collaboratively write a case study using the “A3 report” systematic and systemic approach to solve a problem and to gain consensus on improvements. Prerequisite is Introduction to Lean for Government. Workshop Themes -Brief history of improvement leading to the Toyota Production System -Core elements of all sciences -Knowledge and science -Lean tools such as A3 problem solving report and 5 Why -Delving deeper in scientific methods such as experimentation (Plan-Do-Study-Adjust (PDSA) cycle) to be agile and observation (at the Gemba) Part of the Certificate in Lean for the Public Sector and the Advanced Certificate in Lean for the Public Sector.

We developed and have been teaching the Certificate in Lean for the Public Sector since 2015. More info on this course: More info on all our training services: More on Alpen Path Solutions:

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