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There are so many of us who buy art, make art, invest in a variety of art supplies, and then we are just 'over it'. What do we do with this stuff? It's not garbage. It's not always easy to sell off. But we need a sustainable solution that allows us to recover some of our investment, allow these items and products to be up-cycled, and give other people an opportunity to convert it into something affordable they can use. Everybody wins. Anyone with used art and/or art supplies is welcome to join. You can sell anything related to art and used art supplies. Nothing new. If you bought art you no longer want, or if you made art you no longer want, these are what we're looking for. If you have art supplies you no longer need, this is also great to bring and sell. Items such as easels, painting supplies, paper, canvases (even if they're painted on.

), old sketches, old paintings, old ceramics, old crafts and crafting supplies, etc. 

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