Spring 2019 Wellness Week: Yin Yoga and Massage

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"You got your massage therapy in my yoga. ""You got your yoga in my massage therapy. "Two great things, together at last. This restorative class is a combination of yin yoga and massage techniques that will leave you more calm and relaxed. During this two-hour session, you’ll be guided through a yin yoga sequence by RMT, yoga teacher, and Vicars supervisor Nikki Henriksen. At the same time, Nikki and her team will move throughout the room providing light massage. Yin yoga is a slow, seated yoga practice. In combination with massage, light meditation, and deliberate breathing exercises, it promotes relaxation and encourages healing. These mental and physical benefits are especially useful for students and RMTs who regularly exert themselves both physically and mentally.

This class is being offered to MH Vicars School students and alumni as part of Wellness Week. Being a student is stressful, but it’s also a time of growth and self-discovery. We encourage you to use this week as a reminder to invest in your current and future health, and explore new self-care practices. You may also purchase tickets in person on campus, or over the phone. This event is taking place at the Edmonton campus.

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