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Bellydance with Sarah Rudnicki
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Bellyance with Sarah Spring Classes Classes Start the week of May 7th. 8 week session. $96.00 60 minutes/ $105 75 minutes. We shake of the winter blahs with upbeat fast paced saucy and fun choreographies in every class Full schedule Monday 10:30 Am Bellydance essentials for beginners 60 minute *located at the swan centre 587 king st. Peterborough Monday 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM Beginner Bellydance 60 Minute *located at studio 505, 505 sherbrooke st. Wednesday * located at studio 505, 505 sherbrooke st. 6:45- 8:00 PM Beyond beginners, 75 minutes This class is for those with a solid grasp of foundation movements. Spring session will have us working with a traditional piece, as well as playing with a little fusion. 8 PM Bellydance essentials for Beginners.

*located at studio 505, 505 sherbrook st Peterborough Friday 7:30-8:30 PM Located at studio 505, 505 sherbrooke st. 60 minute *Bellydance essentials for beginners. Register at class, through email, messenger, or snail mail. get in touch. Pre- registration guarantees your space. [email protected] phone 705-768-0358 No experience, required, beginner classes are for those who have never done bellydance before, and for those still building their movement vocabulary. *no you don't need any experience *classes are for everybody, and every body *healing from an injurry, this can be worked around *all welcome. *and no, you do not have to bear your belly.

Do I need to come to the studio first to sign up? Or do i just show up for class? I think the Wednesday at 8pm might work for me for an 8wks session may to june.

Always wanted to try it. :) I like line dancing and Zumba already. Even though I haven't done either in forever. What is the cancellation or reschedule policy ? (In case I get stuck at work....)

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