The Art of Cup Tossing: Reading the Tea Leaves (Level I - Novice)

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The Art of Cup Tossing: Reading the Tea Leaves - Novice Training Course The Tea Lounge is proud to welcome Tea Sommelier and Tasseomancist, Amy Taylor for this rare opportunity to teach her courses in "Tasseomancy" or, tea leaf reading. On March 24 she will be teaching the Novice course. On June 9th she will return to teach the Advanced course for those interested in further exploring this art of 'cup tossing'. **Please note: Due to requirement for adequate one-on-one interactions with all participants in this training, there is very limited space in both Level One (Novice) and Level Two (Advanced); therefore those with serious interest are encouraged to sign-up early as both sections are expected to sell out quickly.** Tea is steeped in superstition, and reading fortunes with it hearkens back to days of the old divinatory art forms of the Shamans; interpreting symbols and formations made by random objects. Tasseomancy is the Art and Practice of divination by the interpretation of symbolic patterns made by tea leaves in a teacup.

Join Amy Taylor (Owner of TaoTaT’s Mystic Tearoom) as she talks about how this form of divination came to be the Art it is today. Cup Tossing Novice Training Workshop: March 24, 2019  - 11am-5pm This workshop will cover the rich history and origins, the tools used and the forms tea reading is done in. Learn a brief history of tea, tea reading and what teas are best for readings. Discover the nuances of teapots, teacups & saucers and their significance in the Tasseomancers process. 2.5 - 3 hours Break Learn how to brew a proper cup of tea for a reading and how to set the mood for the inquirer. Learn more about the techniques involved; how the diviner is able to look at the pattern of tea leaves in the cup and allow their imagination to piece together the story suggested by the shapes. Participants will also learn the nuances of the cup tossing technique and experience their first hand experiences with actual readings in this course.
3 hours Included in your training: 6 hours of expert training: instruction and hands-on Class notes/materials Healthy snacks Wide selection of loose leaf teas to enjoy during your training Please note: if you wish to avoid the Eventbrite booking fees, you may register/pay for your class in person at The Tea Lounge. Registrations are first come, first serve. Space limited. ABOUT AMY TAYLOR For 30+ years Amy Taylor has been a Tea Enthusiast and a professional Tea Leaf Reader. She is the sole owner of The Art of Tea and Tasseomancy and Mystic Tearoom in Hamilton, Ontario. As well Amy is a Certified TAC Tea Sommelier Professional. She is in the process writing a book about the mystical side of Tea. Over the last 20+ years, she has collected an extensive collection of Tasseomancy related advertising materials, cupsets, books, postcards, novelties etc.
She plans on creating a Tasseomancy Museum out of her Mystic Tearoom within the next two years. Amy has been featured, interviewed and quoted in many articles, blog posts, other media and social outlets as an authority on Tasseomancy. However, she feels that she is always learning more. Visit her website at

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