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WORKSHOP DETAILS: Event time: 10am - 4:00pm This workshop will provide participants with tools, knowledge and some expertise on how to assist clients who are suffering from trauma, and understand how trauma impacts the healing process. Research supports that knowledge of Trauma-Informed care is critical to helping clients move through barriers to healing. TOPICS COVERED: The Neurobiology of Trauma Signs and Symptoms of Trauma Trauma and the Body: the Human 'Threat-Response Cycle' Creating a Safe Space for Trauma Healing Brief Overview of Therapeutic Models that are Congruent with a Trauma-Informed Practice and Facilitate the Healing Process. Window of Tolerance and Titration How Emotion and Trauma Memory is Discharged from the Body Triggers and How to Release Limiting Beliefs.

Helping Clients Build Resilience and the Role of Lifestyle in Healing FACILITATORS:  Alyson Quinn Alyson has been an Adjunct professor at UBC's School of Social work for 7 years, and a counsellor for 30 years specializing in group therapy, trauma therapy, and conflict resolution. She is a Clinical Counsellor with a Masters degree from the University of British Columbia and a Diploma in Conflict resolution from Royal Roads University. Alyson has taught students in a Trauma informed Counselling class, in a group work class and also in an Integrative Seminar and has a great deal of experience as an individual and couples counsellor. She is an author of 3 published books. Her chapter: "Pedagogy for an Integrative Practice" is published in the text book Holistic Engagement: Transformative Social Work Education in the 21st Century.
 Alyson’s text book Experiential Unity Theory and Model: Reclaiming Your Soul, published in 2012, is aligned with the principles of a Trauma Informed Practice, and she has taught her therapeutic model at both International and Canadian conferences. Alyson was born in Zimbabwe and trained as a Social worker in South Africa. She launched her Social work career in London, England and then emigrated to Vancouver, Canada. Her self help book Reclaim Your Soul: your path to healing published in 2014 also builds on Trauma informed principles. Her website is Trish Walsh Trish is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, life coach, teacher, and workshop facilitator, located in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Trish’s training and focus is in the area of Transpersonal Psychology, which integrates eastern philosophies within the framework of modern psychology.
Trish is one of only a few therapists in North America who specialize in training for Transpersonal Coaching and Trauma-Informed Coaching. In addition to Trish’s counselling practice, her work over the last twenty years has focused on knowledge translation: specifically, synthesizing research findings in medicine and mental health care to decision makers within Canada’s Federal and Provincial Governments, and to physicians, mental health professionals and other allied health care providers, along with corporations, community groups and the general public. Trish has tremendous passion for conveying research information in an engaging and easy to understand way, aiding decision makers in their funding and public policy decisions and helping individuals to learn practical strategies for better health, happiness, and personal success.
Trish has also consulted for a number of non-profit organizations and industries to bring health information to their organizations and through community outreach. For more info: Feedback received from past participants of this workshop:  "I enjoyed the workshop very much. I used the concepts learned the day after, and the positive results were immediate.” "This information is SO important to get out to the therapeutic community. Thank-you. " “Thank-you for an amazing training. . ” "I really appreciated the clinical experience and that it was research based.” “Very good information. It’s very applicable for working with trauma.” “I really liked the structure of the course. The instructors were very knowledgeable.
I learned a lot. ” “I really appreciated the integrative approach of the different interventions.” “Appreciated the experiential exercises, the real-life demo’s of sessions, and the language to use with clients. I also liked that the instructors addressed the audience’s questions and wonderings.” “It was a wonderful workshop. Will recommend to others.   Thank-you for sharing your knowledge and experience.” “I really appreciated the anecdotal evidence from both of your practices – and the handout. I also appreciate all the tools, tricks and strategies that I am walking away with. “ “I enjoyed this course immensely. . “ “I really enjoyed the in-depth look at trauma.” “I really appreciated the info about trauma and the brain, EUT, and tapping  – thank-you. ” “Great collaboration between the two presenters. I appreciated personal sharing from the  presenter and of their counselling experience with clients.” “Great workshop. . “ “The presenters were a perfect balance to one another in their skill sets and styles – a wonderful blend of intellectual and experiential.” “I appreciated the presenters’ connection with the audience.  I enjoyed the examples and presentations. “ “Thank-you for everything. It was a wonderful experience. ” “I enjoyed the practice and enjoyed the science based approach.” “I really appreciated learning new things about new topics. Both instructors were great.” “Thank-you. Great Class. ”  “Thank-you for the workshop; it was very helpful, and very well delivered.”

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