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This year, our fundraising gala proceeds will be used to help the family in the picture above. This is their story; I’m a single parent of six children. My first three children are adults, and the youngest three children are 9 year old triplets with autism and intellectual disabilities. Two of my older children also have disabilities, but are able to function in daily living independently with supports. My triplets homeschool and have therapists come to our home for speech, occupational therapy and rehabilitation assistance. They have educational assistants that attend daily, and they have behaviour interventionists and respite workers. They require full care in all aspects of daily living, including dressing, bathing, toileting and eating. I work full-time plus a second job, both in the healthcare field as a Licensed Practical Nurse and as an instructor for Healthcare assistants and practical nursing.

I’ve single parented most of my life and have always worked in healthcare and human services. One of my older boys lives at home, and has dedicated the last 9 years to helping me take care of his younger siblings. He’s my hero, the reason I can work, and helps me take my triplets to healthcare appointments at BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. With my triplets having no awareness of danger and are escape risks, they need 1 to 1 supports when we leave the house. My kids are my life. I live and breathe for them. Habitat for Humanity has picked Lisa and her family.  We finally have hope. Hope for a stable home and a safe environment. We are excited that soon we’ll be able to have a space that is finally customized to meet the safety requirements for my children.
Each place we’ve lived, I had to problem solve ways to make a place safe, spending up to hundreds of dollars for pantries to line up and block pony walls, locking door knobs, childproofing locks, etc Our fundraising will help Lisa implement  the items that are listed above, so not only will she have own home, it will be safe and secure for her children.

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