Workshop on Optimization Techniques for Data Science in Python and Julia (95002)

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Canada @ (CA)
Tel 2019-01-14
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For full event details and scheduling, please visit the Fields webpage Registration is $30, lunch will be provided both days. Description The rapid growth of data science field has proven that using only traditional statistical modeling is not enough to solve data science problems that are encountered in practice. In order to guide decision making most of the time you need to combine predictive modeling with optimization techniques.  The “hands-on” workshop will present how one can solve practical optimization problems that typically occur in industrial data science. In this tutorial we will show how the Python Pyomo and Julia JuMP ecosystems of tools can be used to achieve this goal. Pyomo is a Python-based open-source software package that supports a diverse set of optimization capabilities for formulating, solving, and analyzing optimization models.

JuMP is an INFORMS Computing Society award winning ( solution that is currently sponsored by NumFocus ( Both frameworks allow you to seamlessly integrate solving optimization problems into a complete data science workflow.

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